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In Praise of "Single Tasking"

published30 days ago
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Hello Reader,

Single-tasking refers to the idea of focusing on one task at a time, rather than trying to multitask - or divide your attention - between several tasks simultaneously. This practice, which even has a day of the year dedicated to it, fosters a more mindful approach to work.

When incorporating single-tasking into your daily routine, you can align it with a specific element of TimeCrafting through Time Theming, using Daily Themes or Horizontal Themes.

For example, you might dedicate the first hour of your day to Wellness (a Horizontal Theme) and work on the task of Wellness in the form of exercise or meditation. The same could be said for using a Daily Theme for a single task, but I’m using the broader sense of the word “task” in both of these instances – what Robert Greene uses when he discusses your life’s task, for example – since it’s clear that a theme would be made up of several actionable tasks.

In the spirit of embracing single-tasking, I challenge you to dedicate some time over the next week to give your full attention to a single task for a set amount of time that you have available. Whether it’s only for 15 minutes or an entire day, make a conscious effort to stay focused and avoid distractions by using Time Theming to help you with this challenge.

Observe how you feel after your dedicated time and consider making single tasking through the integration of theming your time a regular part of your productivity practice.

And be sure to reply to this email and let me know how it goes.

See you later,

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